Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Touched right in the heart

Yesterday evening when i was driving to school, a long 45 minute drive, i was having this intimate conversation with Jesus, i wont get into specifics, but the gist was i felt so guilty for not spreading his word, i just was feeling like i wasn't a good daughter to him, not helping enough people etc. Do you ever feel like your asking God for too much and not giving him anything in return? That was just how i felt lately, like I'm not doing enough! This local christian radio station in my area 89.7 that i love! any-who they send out a daily text messages if you sign up of encourage thoughts, sometimes bible verses. Well this morning right at 8 am i got the text and it read "the volume of your voice is irrelevant; it's the volume of your faith that makes all the difference." That statement just spoke straight to my heart. it felt like God was giving me a big hug and saying your fine, your doing OK.

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